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We do sell works of such famous Polish designers as: Gedan, Mariusz Gliwinski, Aleksander Gliwinski, Halina Kuta, Marcin Tomaszewski, MTM Studio and others.

To see our jewelry please visit us at one of the shows.
There is no internet store yet.

How to care about amber and Polish silver ?

Baltic amber jewelry is easy to care for. As with most of the finer things in life a little care goes a long, long way. Baltic amber is a soft fossil gem. On the gem scale of hardness, a diamond is a 10 & amber is 2-3. It may break if dropped on a hard surface, although it is the hardest of all amber. Natural Baltic amber will become even more beautiful with wear. To clean, simply wipe with a soft flannel cloth dipped in lukewarm water and follow up by wiping gently with a dry, soft flannel cloth. You may use a tiny drop of olive oil to restore luster. Take care of your amber jewelry in the same manner as you take care of your other precious and semi-precious jewels. When not wearing, keep them in a cloth bag or in jewelry box, away from the light. Oxygen & light accelerate the natural aging process of Baltic amber. Amber is a living stone & will continue to change & evolve while in your possession. Did you know Polish sterling silver contains unique anti-tarnishing agents? Even so, you may find that even the highest quality sterling silver (usually designated/stamped as ".925" onto the jewelry itself) may tarnish due to the chemical composition of the silver. Occasional use of a polishing cloth--which are widely commercially available--will address the phenomenon of tarnishing in short order & keep your jewelry looking fresh & bright. Always apply your make-up, hairspray, etc. before putting on your amber jewelry. Never use sonic cleaners or expose your amber to solvents of any type. With minimal care, your amber jewelry will stay as beautiful & precious as the day you received it.

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